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Hardscaping, Landscaping

RBS material is widely used for landscaping and hardscaping design to give a touch of exceptional design and prevent constant cleaning and maintenance expenses.
Being 100% water permeable erosion control technology, It is recommended for resin bound paving on urban and residential areas, airports, car parking, access roads, public parks and gardens; corporate/industrial areas, walk paths, path walks, areas around villas and hotel etc.

The usage of natural stones of different colors, size, fraction in combination with RBS glue gives natural look to the surface and possibility to create various shapes and designed surface for any teste with quality guaranteed for long time.

During last years, there were executed landscaping projects for RTA, EXPO 2020, Municipality of UAE.

 Areas around houses / hotels
 Car parking
Pedestrian zones
Walkways / Pathways
Public parks
Airports / factories / workout areas


 Soil errosion
 Riverbeds / riverbanks
 Coastal slopes
Road slopes
Railway reinforcement


Soil Protection

There were executed projects for Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of UAE with RBS technology, which helps protection of soil erosion, reinforcement of bridges, slopes and embankment for durable surface.

Its horizontal and vertical 100% permeability of the protective layer distributes the flow over large area, reducing the formation of rapid flows and allowing rainwater to be absorbed into ground, while reducing the load on the drainage system at the bottom of the protected inclined surfaces.

Soil strengthening is carried out by spraying glue using mobile installation, helping to execute work of repairing road slopes even in the most inaccessible areas of mountainous terrain.

Reliable Partner
We take care of our clients to establish long term business cooperation
Exceptional Design
Ability to give to the surface individual design for any teste
Quality Guaranteed
Surface done with RBS material has a lot of advantages
Customer Satisfaction
Make your project unique with RBS technology
Long Term Warranty
We gives from 5 to 10 years of warranty, based on the thickness of RBS material layer for each project
We execute our projects with our experts and quality management process, approaching every project individually.

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