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two-component binding system RBS on the polyurethane basis
The binding RBS material provides a safe fixation of crushed stone and can be successfully applied in a field of construction and landscape design.



The surface fixing by two-component material RBS high reliability is ensured not only by optimal physical and mechanical parameters of the binder, but also by the use of unique technologies for preparation and application of two-component polyurethane compounds.

The fixation of a crushed stone with a binding material by a covering of slopes can be executed with and without geoweb, depending on objectives and project versions.

Under development and implementation two-component binding system (RBS) and the composite materials based on this system passed through all required tests at the premises of our own as well as external laboratories. In 2017 y. RBS was checked by «Dubai Central Laboratory» and received positive opinion for iOS.

Water Permeability

The composite of crushed stone particles bounded by the binding RBS material has 100% water permeability.

A bounded and fixed surface is easy to be cleaned by rain or water jet.

Due to these properties, such coatings can actively combine the functions of protective structures and decorative elements, as it is done in the section of the protective slope near Atlantis the Palm in Dubai.

Ultraviolet Impact

The color of a coating depends on a crushed stone color and remains so for the entire operation time.

It is stable to inflammation.

It is stable to impact ultraviolet rays and to other external factors.

It has an attractive appearance.


RBS has a very wide range of applications for municipal, corporate and personal purposes


Our product has already received wide use in all abovementioned spheres of application and over 22 projects have been completed with its usage


March 2018
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